56. Part 2: Mental Health Awareness - Normalising Thoughts & Feelings Without Judgement

Welcome to another special episode of the Live Your True Self Podcast, dedicated to Mental Health Awareness 2024.

Join us as we dive deep into the concept of normalising our thoughts and feelings—an essential practice for maintaining mental health and fostering movement.

Together, we’ll explore what normalising means, why it's crucial for our well-being, and how to integrate this powerful mindset into your daily life.

What to Expect: 

  1. Understanding Normalising: Discover what it means to normalise your thoughts and feelings. Learn how recognising and accepting the full range of your emotions—without judgment—can transform your mental health.
  2. Importance for Mental Health: We'll discuss seven key reasons why normalising your thoughts and feelings is vital. From reducing self-judgment to enhancing emotional resilience, you'll understand the profound impact this practice can have on your overall well-being.
  3. Invitation to Self-Care: I’ll invite you to think about normalising as a form of self-care. By treating yourself with the same kindness and understanding you’d offer a friend, you can foster a healthier self-image and a more balanced emotional state.
  4. Practical Tips: Learn a simple yet effective way to practice normalising in your daily life. And to help be sure to get my Free Thought Download Tool: Transform Overthinking to Awareness’ (https://www.nemishapatelowen.com )
  5. Guided Meditation: Experience a soothing guided meditation designed to help you normalise your thoughts and feelings in real-time. This meditation will empower you to move with intention and embrace your emotions with compassion.

Tune in to transform your inner world, embrace your true self, and move through life with greater ease, energy and intention.

You’re guaranteed to move your mind to move your body more!

[Mediation starts 25:00]

So, grab your headphones, find a comfortable space to reflect, and join us as we embark on a transformative of acceptance.

Take a deep breath and listen on in.

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