The only thing standing between you and who you want to be is in your mind. Are you ready to tap into your inner goodness?


Hi there, I'm Nemisha.

What I do is what I believe and what I believe it that when we manage our mind, and take action from our heart anything is possible!

Having left the corporate world after 18 years in NATS (National Air Traffic Services), working in various leadership roles, I’m living life on my terms, pursuing my passion of personally and professionally growing, and coaching and training heart-centred women to do the same.

I’ve helped my clients feel calmer, more confident and connected to themselves and their soul's purpose.

It all starts with mindset and awareness of what we're thinking, feeling and doing, and how that's creating the results we want, and don't want!

However, I must have missed this lesson growing up, or perhaps it didn't register... 

We get to decide what we think about anything and that starts with noticing our thoughts in the first place, actually spending time with our mind unpacking what’s going on in our head.

Because when we do, we have a choice - whether we want to keep thinking the thought(s) because it moves us closer to who we want to be, or we want to let it go of our thought(s), because it moves us away from who we want to be.

Here's what I've learnt, it's simple, but not always easy.

This is what I can help you with.

And you're here, so I know you value personal development, and I'm here to support you.

With love,

Nemisha x


For Fun, This Is More of Who I Am... 

I am vegan and love it.

I am an introverted extrovert. 

I am good at people pleasing.

I love cooking, especially Indian.

I am a serial note taker and journal daily.

I am my family - me, my husband and two kiddies.

I am referred to as the "voice of reason" and "peace maker".

I am a strong believer of learning and continuous improvement.

I love taking photos and videos, though don't own a proper SLR camera.

My #1 mantra (after the Hare Krishna Mantra) - "everything happens for a reason".

I am organised and love post-its and lists, I even have "to-do" lists for "to-do" lists.

I first drove in Clearwater, Florida in a Corvette and got my driving licence, aged 16.

I first worked in my parents card shop in South London, photo processing and developing, aged 14.

I love my morning workouts, resistance training and energising yoga. And love that I can do 25 proper press-ups!

I don't drink alcohol and can still have a fab time out, without the calories and headache. A nice cuppa chai any day!

My mum taught me to always "go to positive" and my dad that "family is everything". This is something I live by every day.

I got my first proper part-time job at 17, working for Jessops photo shop in Ilford, then worked for Waitrose, Burberry and even Harrods!

I started my proper career as a graduate air traffic control engineer in 2001, and climbed the corporate ladder at NATS for 18 amazing years - meeting the gorgeous husband, Steve at Heathrow.