Hi there, I'm Nemisha.

I help high-achieving women, like you feel calmer, more confident & connected than ever before - you have more control than you think.

Ready to step into your goodness?


As a high achiever you and I both know the crucial role mindset plays in our lives...

Yet, how often do we try to power through feelings of frustration, overwhelm and unworthiness with sheer action? It's a common and well intended approach.

Too much time is spent searching for external solutions - answers and a set of things to do, or achieve on the outside, rather than looking at what's happening on the inside.

The truth is, we often underestimate our own knowledge and experience, and are held back by self-doubt and fear of failure.

As high achievers, we set high expectations of ourselves and fall into the rabbit whole of negative self-comparison - thinking we're behind, people pleasing, and unknowingly seeking validation from others - worrying about what they'll think! We're challenged with procrastination, overthinking and indecision.

And if that isn't exhausting enough...

We add self-criticism for not having it all figured out already feeling like we're not "good enough", all the while seeking to discover our true selves and our soul's purpose - our dharma, and finally do what brings us joy and fulfilment in this chapter of life.

There's another way. I know because I figured it out. I connected with my true self and inner goodness. I connected with my purpose and live life on my terms doing what I love.

Ready to connect with yours? I'm super grateful for you, allow me to be your guide.

I've walked the path you might find yourself on—I know how doubt can shadow our every step.

In 2018, doubt surfaced a lot when I realised that corporate life, after 18 years, wasn't my path. It was time for a change—a shift towards something more meaningful and purposeful that created a balance of wanting to make a bigger difference, and also my duty - being active and present with husband and two kiddos - who were only 1 and 5 at the time.

My mind was busy with all the reasons why I couldn't, wouldn't, or shouldn't leave, questioning me with, "what would you do? What makes you think you can be successful on your own? How will you do this?".

In this process, I realised we’re all spiritual souls navigating this human experience, seeking purpose on this planet.

So leaving corporate through a period of illness turned out to be a gift wrapped in sandpaper, because it forced me to slow down and direct my focus inward to discover who I am and unravel my soul’s purpose.




"Nemisha's energy is infectious and she explained this process in a simply and practical way. I was left feeling energised and clear on exactly what to do to change the negative self talk in my head" --HAYLEY.


"Brilliant, totally different to anyone else in coaching. Had I not signed up for this with Nemisha, I’d be in a totally different and unhelpful place right now!" --BEATRICE.


“The energy from within is what I now know I need to be able to access on a much more consistent basis…I just need to keep tapping into it…I get that now. Thank you Nemisha.” --LIZ.

Live Your True Self Podcast

Perspective is everything, and no matter where you find yourself on your spiritual journey, by choosing to live your true self to the innate goodness within, we begin to change the way we think about ourselves, others, and this one precious life.

Each week, I share my true self through personal reflection and insights - stories in my life that unfolded the pain and the pleasure from connecting with my true self, free from my minds lack and heaviness I carried around with me for so long. Each episode concludes with a short related guided meditation to bring the session home to your true self.

Take a deep breath and listen on in.

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