You’ve accomplished a lot in your career, which means you know how to believe in yourself, and put in the work to achieve what you really want. You know you’ve got so much more value to offer and ready for growth. But, you’re feeling stuck and want some help.
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You’ve accomplished a lot in your career, which means you know how to believe in yourself, and put in the work to achieve what you really want. You know you’ve got so much more value to offer. But, you’re stuck in your brain right now and not sure you're headed.
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Something about the uncertainty is making you feel less confident than you have been, and that next big goal seems impossible right now.

I believe that this next stage can take you from being good to being great.

I’ve been there. I’ve taken the journey in my career, in my business, in my health, and in my relationships. And that’s why I know when you believe in yourself, on purpose, AND take action from that place, anything is possible!

The process is based on my 3 simple steps:
1. KNOW Yourself Better - Believe in who it is you truly are;
2. GROW Your Self-Concept - BE who you want to become now; 
3. BE Yourself - Show up in belief, as you are, feel the discomfort and take action anyway! 

Do You Ever Find Yourself Thinking…


Wouldn’t it be Amazing if….I had clarity about who it is I am and clarity about where I'm going.
Wouldn’t it be Empowering if…I finally let go of what's holding me back.
Wouldn’t it be Incredible if…I had the belief and certainty to be and achieve what I really want!



Your single biggest challenge right now is getting out of your own way.

Easy to say, not always easy to do when you're deep in fog.

Working together we will...


MASTER YOUR MINDSET - Pause, evaluate and get clear what’s really going on, and where you are at right now. Plus work on your thoughts and uncover the beliefs that serve you to achieve what you want.


CREATE CLARITY ON YOUR SELF-CONCEPT - a clear and compelling vision for who you want to become. Let go of old unhelpful stories and create new empowering ones. Know what’s important to you and accept who you are, flaws and all.
TAKE ACTION FROM BELIEF ENERGY - work together consistently, step by step, week by week to enable you to show up as your best, with lots of learning, insight and fun along the way!  


I have got so much self-awareness, belief and certainty from being coached. It's truly changed the way I THINK about myself and EVERYTHING around me!  

When you believe in yourself, on purpose and take action from that place, anything is possible!


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What you can expect...


"Coaching with Nemisha has been so enlightening. Every session was slightly different for me in terms of what I uncovered about myself, though there was definitely a theme. However after every session I felt so much lighter. I always walked away with clarity on my next steps and how to execute them, in terms of my being! I would have been lost without Nemisha".--Beatrice.


"I’ve been working on my inner self, trying different things, this is the most valuable type of coaching and support I’ve ever had, in a few sessions I saw a positive change in my way of thinking…and so did others!" --Michelle.


"Nemisha gave me a different perspective on how to look at things to move forward gracefully. I didn’t realise some things were having such an effect on me until coaching. I’ve now got great techniques to put into practice when I need them, rather than spending my time procrastinating and beating myself up. Great investment with practical and actionable ways to positively move forward!" --Mo.


"Brilliant, totally different to anyone else in coaching. Had I not started coaching with Nemisha, I’d be in a totally different and unhelpful place right now!" --Andrew.


"Nemisha’s coaching presence is easily recognisable by her being observant, empathetic and responsive. She truly exhibits curiosity with the intent to learn more. The coach has a wonderful ability to focus on what the client is saying, the insecurities and she is not afraid to address them. She listens without an agenda, she truly “dances in the moment". --Zita.


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